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Free collaborative tools December 27, 2005

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I’ve been looking at ways in which to increase the level of collaboration at the middle school level with easy, free tools. These are some of the ones which I’ve found:

PbWiki [Click to view link] Free wiki tool. Nice because you can create a seemingly unlimited number of wiki’s off one email. You can create passwords and wiki’s for 20 pages in under 15 minutes. Kids just need to know the url, username and password of their wiki. User’s can’t change the access password.

Delicioius: Online bookmarking tool. Nice to set up multiple delicious accounts for small groups. One of the issues though is that once the kids know the login, they can change the password. Not good.

Flickr: Online picture sharing. You can set up their beta uploader to automatically upload to an account.

Furl: Online bookmarking. You can set up RSS feeds for collections. It would be nice to have kids subscribe to specific collections through an online rss feed. Kids can change passwords though once logged in.

WebCollaborator: Online web collaboration. Nice concept, except you need email accounts for each login.

Rollyo: Online customized search engine you can build. You can input sites you want your search to be constrained to, then get a link to search just those locations. Would be nice to create a source of teacher-approved sites you want kids to search on. You can then provide a link for kids to access. Kids don’t need a login to do the search.



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