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K12 Blogging December 27, 2005

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We just opened up a b2evolution blog to a group of 12 year olds at the school I work in. The blog is ostensibly to be used to allow them to journal about math. B2evolution is a great product for a multi-blog environment with decent admin tools. Putting up 25 blogs took a couple of hours, and the admin interface makes it easy to deal with all those users.

Kids of course took to it in a couple of minutes. I’d have to take an hour of so to do the same thing for adults.

On the other hand, it took all of about four hours for the first kid to post the first inappropriate posting. Plus, our principal happened to come across it last night. While many principals would have over-reacted, ours did not. However, if incidents like this persists, ultimately the powers that be would have to react, and I could see a tool like this be curtailed.

We’ve got it set right now so that students can post without moderation. Over the last day, we’ve got nearly 150 postings, plus probably double that number of comments. Moderating that number would be difficult. On the other hand, all it takes a few more incidents like this to make it an option.



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