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MySpace, Xanga and all that December 27, 2005

Posted by collaboration in Observations.

With all the publicity and discussion of such online communities as MySpace and Xanga, I’ve seen many other such outlets that get little or no attention. There seem to be countless such online locations allowing for instant publishing that attract kids. In the school I work for, we have not only those written in English, but other languages as well.

This is probably of no surprise, especially to those reading from outside the US, but it points out to me the seemingly impossible task of blocking/restricting children’s access to the stuff. I also am not convinced that all is bad in these types of social communities. While it only takes on parent to find out their kid was on a ‘bad’ site to get everyone worked up, that same parent probably has no idea what kind of video games their kids have in their bedroom.

On a side note, I have started to notice that in the environment that I work in, there seems to be a difference in how adolescents expect certain segments of their social groups to interact with technology. Many/most of our Anglo girls approach technology in a hesitant manner. They are not ‘expected’ to be comfortable, or competent with tech. On the other hand, a high population of our Korean girls demonstrate a high level of ‘new literacy’. They are coding, developing blogs, interacting with XML and certainly rewarded for their knowledge by their peers.

I find it all interesting.



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