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Organizing digital media December 27, 2005

Posted by collaboration in Observations.

As I continue my studies and constantly find new topics and avenues to explore, the amount of digital information that I’ve accumulated has gone way beyond what I can possible consume.

I use Onfolio Academic to pull in rss feeds. I’m constantly adding a couple of feeds every week. I also use Onfolio to pull in ‘snippets’ of pages that I then sync into a local copy of Endnote to use for citations.

Right now my Endnote library for just e-learning is a little over five hundred entries. Probably not as big as some, but big enough for me.

I also have settled on .pdfs for local copies of media. I pull content from Proquest, ERIC and EBSCO all the time. I’m also pulling from rss feeds as well. I’ve got nearly 850 .pdfs saved on my computer. I let Acrobat search through them, and create a new index on a weekly basis.

Yet keeping all these resources in perspective is impossible. I’ve tried using Mindjet mind mapping, but that is more work than I can manage. I need to find a way to tag all this stuff I have, to be able to organize it somehow.



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