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Practical classroom blogging December 27, 2005

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We’ve begun to develop and look at implementing a blogging system in our school this year. While it is easy to get excited about using technology in instruction, I am constantly aware that this is pushing the envelope of what is considered ’safe’ by many in the community. While nearly a third of 14 – 21 year olds now have their own content, I would guess that a majority of staff and parents in my district have little exposure.

On top of that, current news reports repeatedly highlight the negative aspects of such communities as Xanga and MySpace, and this is the only contact parents get of blogging.

In the read/write, web 2.0 world, those that implement technology in the classroom are asked to walk a fine line of giving students enough freedom so that they’ll be prepared, yet ‘protect’ them enough to be allowed to actually experience it in the first place.

To effectively deploy a blogging system, I need to be able to control for not only instructional purposes, but for privacy as well. Anonymous posting, commenting and registering need to be turned off. Student identities cannot be used to a degree, nor should they be able to alter, add or change in any way the identifying characteristics of their profile. I cannot implement any type of instant messaging component. Nor can I allow objectionable spam and/or trackback content through.



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