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School communication December 27, 2005

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A major issue with any school is communication with parents. The typical newsletter is a popular method for sending home information. Yet I’d guess maybe thirty percent actually make it into parents hands. We find them littered on the ground every Friday after school.

Increasingly the school website has become a vehicle for providing communities with current information. Yet schools rarely have a web master with adequate skills nor the time to keep them current.

I’d love to put together a school blogging ’system’ that would automate this process. Our school is made up of 6 teams. Each teacher is required to contribute a paragraph a week that constitutes the team’s newsletter. One poor sap is ‘treated’ with the task of actually printing it out (assuming the printer is working).

What I’d like to do is create a blog for each teacher. Using an open source off-line editor, the teacher would type up their paragraph then electronically submit it to their blog. They’d be done.

A tool like Movable Type or WordPress would then take over. Each team would have their own blog, made up of each teacher’s entry. The school site would be made up of a combination of each team’s blog. The principal could have their own blog, set to cross-post to each teams page.

Each team could have a member who’d log in, pull up a printer friendly version and print out a copy of the site.

Parents could use RSS to read what they want. They could use categories to pull only the information they wanted.

That would be nice. We’d save paper, time and get out information in a timely manner.



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