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Student blogging tools December 27, 2005

Posted by collaboration in Tools.

We are configuring an install of USB Firefox to be used by kids either off our network, or a usb key chain device. There are a number of Firefox extensions that are very convenient for online writing. Some of them I’ve listed, and am working on getting them installed into our USB ‘clone’.

  • Scrapbook: Save pages and snippets of pages. Great for research.
  • Xinha Here!: Puts a HTML input box for any web form. For tools like B2evolution, where you need to use code to access certain formatting, this is great for users.
  • Check Spelling: Checks you spelling on any form. Kids need it.
  • Copy Plain Text: Copies any text on a page into plain text. Good for scooping up text.
  • I’m trying to create a USB clone that is cross platform– Wintel/OSX. I’ve heard it can be done, and am hoping to create a clone with all these extensions. I’m also looking into using Flock with a delicious account pre-entered. That way kids could submit bookmarks collaboratively.

    I also just found this cool Firefox extension that allows you to post to blogs without leaving Firefox. You can set up multiple blog accounts and blog from any page, at any time. At this point Xinha does not integrate with it yet, but its still a possibility for kids to use as a client blogging tool.



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