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It’s not about what they know, but how they can find out December 28, 2005

Posted by collaboration in Observations.

I used to work for a publishing company as the only techie. I was in charge of technology I’d never seen before, nor had any right to even touch, let alone fix. I quickly learned that my success was related to not necessarily how much I knew, but how fast I could learn. My ‘skill’ became to resources I could draw upon in a short amount of time, and how I could relate new knowledge to current problems.

As I continue to work with technology, I am continually confronted with users- especially adults, who link technology skill with intelligence, or something they don’t have. They see techies as being ‘smarter’ with technology, something they can never be. That feeling or attitude becomes an insurmountable hurdle for them.

Yet its not about what I know, its about what I can find out. Its about having the skills to find information fast and link what I find with what I know. This has nothing to do about being a techie. This has nothing to do with intelligence.



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