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Informal Networks December 29, 2005

Posted by collaboration in Observations.

Networks of Learning

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, a problem with the way that our academic environments are currently structured is that they simply do not give kids the opportunity to work with acquiring an information network. We have too much curricula to get through in too little time. Our academic programs do not have a focus. We have no centering concepts. We do some of this, a little bit of that, and are asked to ensure that kids have a mastery of several hundred concepts each year. Without a centre of any kind, we are faced with great difficulties in having kids spending time finding trusted nodes.

This comment distills down what I’ve been feeling for a while; that how our schools are being asked to perform, and how students are consuming information is often at odds. The informal networks that have great influence on students are not present in our instructional methods of today. Our teachers don’t have the time, nor expertise to evaluate or guide students in their exploration.



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